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Tomorrow's Science = Today's Magic

Visit to get a clearer idea of what I am talking about. For the first time, we have a data science tool that is robust to noise, robust to outliers, does not require large data sets, and is remarkably convenient to use (uses an English interface to answer questions - real natural language processing - NLP). This changes everything. But how does it work? And why wasn't it clear to others working in the field? 

To be honest, this is such a departure from traditional data science that even the day-to-day work of the data scientist has changed. No more data cleansing and validation. This bothersome job used to take up 90% or more of the professional time of a data scientist.

The main reason why no one thought it was possible was that even the concept is mind-boggling. This is a new scientific field altogether. Even quantum physics is old compared to this. And I do wish that MIT would open-source it like Google did for TensorFlow. Of course, that would be the end of the research of most data scientists today.

Endor is such a disruptive product that I am sure that data science will never be the same again. No one will command six-figure salaries for data science now that even difficult questions can be answered by your own omniscient omnipotent oracle/prophet. This ( really does look like magic. Hence the claim - tomorrow's science is today's magic. Expect the field to explode into wild popularity - and to do so very soon!


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